Water Hyacinth Eco-Project

How the Project Started...

Lake Victoria continues to be doted with water hyacinth; the weed hampering free flow of movement in the fresh water body.

This is the situation I faced in 2016 when I decided to take a boat ride in the Lake.

Accompanied with my mother Miriam Oyugi, we could not go further into the Lake as we would have liked to, all because of the water hyacinth. The water hyacinth blocked us from moving with the boat.

There and then, I started thinking of how to help reduce the green weed in Lake Victoria. I just did some little research and found out that the hyacinth can be recycled.

The Journey.....

I then got mentors who impacted me with knowledge of recycling water hyacinth into beautiful products such as cards and bags; and I have never looked back.

The process simply starts by sending someone to go collect the hyacinth from the Lake. 

Later I work on waste paper – mostly old newspapers brought in by my friends, for three days. I then process the water hyacinth into the desired material. Other processes involves making a smooth mixture from all the materials I assemble for the job. Then sunning and dying comes last.

My water hyacinth products do sell both on local markets and also with most of the orders coming from abroad.

I saw this as a chance to help remove water hyacinth from Lake Victoria while creating job opportunities and to help restore the ecosystem around Lake Victoria. The eco products are made from the water hyacinth that is collected from the lake.

To support me through this project, kindly reach out through +245716584479 or send an email to info@rahminapaullete.com